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ANMA Holding Co. Is a Saudi based Holding company headquartered in Riyadh, our main foundation is to provide real-estate creative development solutions, furthermore the advancement of the hospitality & leisure industries grounded on deep scientific bases.

We believe that real estate development is an art that is supported by knowledge and it requires fluid and frequent collaboration, creative thinking and sharp focus on client needs.

which results in addressing demanding complex challenges and providing seamless services.

Our projects do not only include the development of landmark buildings; but they extend to providing hospitality and leisure real estate and business development such as, Modern residential units, innovative business centers, luxurious hospitality projects and entertainment facilities.

Our Values
Our Vision
Our Commitment
CSR – Corporate Social
Our Methodology
Is to bridge the gap between a world of ideas on and achieving them ideas.
In ANMA real estate development is entrepreneurial, since it requires seizing and creating opportunities, through securing investments and the ability to manage projects.

In the process between the idea and its formation, we deal with consultants, architects, engineers, lawyers, municipal officials, contractors, tenants and buyers. In order to achieve our vision in every project and maintain the harmony and rhythm.
the vision
the vision
Idea (concept, funds available,
site, expertise, etc.)
Acquisition/Search for building
site (for those not having a site)
Feasibility studies,
Estimates (continuous)
Strategic planning
(internal process)
Contact with authorities
Scope Clarification
of contracts
Design Marketing
and management
It's the idea and not the land
We believe that a successful real estate project needs a successful "story" that is created based on studies, analysis and adoption, it must be coherent, clear and financially viable, otherwise the project is not worth the adventure. We do not only rely on architectural design, and the creativity of its outputs, but we also depend on the development strategy, mainly the idea and its result, the rest are factors that contribute to its success.
Hospitality = Operations + Real Estate
The hospitality industry has become one of the most demanding sectors for innovation and creativity, since it is dominated by luxurious up-market establishment that require applying the highest level of international construction, design, operation standards; this places real-estate hospitality development as a foundational step in which projects will be evaluated accordingly.

ANMA's mission is to implement and operate hospitality projects under international franchise systems choosing strategic locations with excellent market potential and perform quality services for development, that meets the high-end demands of the industry and offers a full range of valuation and advisory services pertaining to a wide variety of projects within this sector.

In Hospitality the company focuses on establishing and developing related guest housing locations such as luxurious boutique hotel units, covering several cities and regions of Saudi Arabia and Gulf in general.

As hospitality operators, we have expertise in hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, and a variety of other business components. Guest experience, investor returns, and design that supports operational efficiencies, are all important considerations in the investment.
The Leisure and entertainment sector significantly enhances properties value
The Leisure and entertainment sector significantly enhances properties value, given its key differentiating factor, amongst others, in providing a dreamland for wholesome family fun.

ANMA focuses primarily on creating innovative solutions for commercial, residential, hospitality, and entertainment properties. Furthermore, the direction of the company entertainment department is to develop, operate and rent cinemas within the Kingdom - in line with the 2030 vision of the Kingdom.

We aim to be a key element in diversifying the Kingdom's leisure sector to support diversify the entertainment facilities in. The role of the company will be reflected in facilitating the provision of entertainment elements suitable for members of the community and help to benefit from the huge amounts spent on entertainment outside the Kingdom by developing various entertainment projects such as golf courses, amusement parks, sports complexes and resorts.
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